Introducing our comprehensive range of fire safety equipment and accessories designed to protect lives and property from the devastating effects of fires. From specialized extinguishers to stands, covers, and other essential tools, we offer a diverse selection to meet your specific needs. Our products not only adhere to rigorous safety standards but also incorporate innovative features for enhanced performance. Rest assured that we diligently source from trusted suppliers to provide you with high-quality solutions that surpass regulatory requirements.

  1. Water Fire Extinguishers: Effective for Class A Risks Our water fire extinguishers feature a squeeze grip for controlled discharge. With a sturdy steel body available in red or chrome finish, these extinguishers come with a wall bracket for easy installation. Choose from the W9SS (9-litre chrome finish) or WS9 (9-litre stored pressure) models to provide reliable fire protection for freely burning materials.
  2. Foam Fire Extinguishers: Versatile for Class A & B Risks Designed for Class A and B risks, our foam fire extinguishers offer controlled discharge with a squeeze grip. The steel body, available in red or chrome, comes with a wall bracket and is manufactured to BS EN3 standards. Choose from our range of AFFF fire extinguishers in 2, 3, 6, or 9-litre capacities to combat freely burning materials and flammable liquids effectively.
  3. Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers: Suitable for Class A, B & C Risks Our dry powder fire extinguishers are versatile and suitable for Class A, B, and C risks. Featuring a squeeze grip for controlled discharge, the red steel body is supplied with a wall bracket. These extinguishers, manufactured to BS EN3 standards, are available in 2, 4, 6, or 9-kilo capacities to provide reliable fire suppression for freely burning materials, flammable liquids, flammable gases, and electrical hazards.
  4. Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers: Ideal for Class B Risks & Electrical Hazards Designed for Class B risks and electrical hazards, our carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are equipped with a brass squeeze grip valve for controlled discharge. The red or chrome-painted aluminium body comes fully charged and includes a wall bracket for easy installation. Choose from 2 or 5-kilo CO2 extinguishers to effectively suppress flammable liquid fires and electrical hazards.
  5. Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers: Specifically for Class A & F Risks Ideal for mass catering outlets and food production factories, our wet chemical fire extinguishers provide essential fire protection for flammable cooking oils and fats. These BSI kite-marked and CE marked extinguishers are BAFE approved and manufactured by an ISO9001:2000 European manufacturer. They undergo a 35Kv conductivity test and feature a stored pressure design with an external neck thread for easy operation. Choose between the TWC2 (2-litre) or TWC6 (6-litre) models, offering 5A/40F and 13A/75F fire ratings respectively, to combat freely burning materials and cooking oils and fats.
  6. Lithium Battery Fire Extinguishers: Specialized Protection for Lithium-ion Batteries Conventional fire extinguishers are ineffective against lithium-ion battery fires. Our Lithium Battery Fire Extinguishers are specifically designed to tackle these fires rapidly. Featuring Firechief Lith-Ex extinguishers with Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD), these high-performance extinguishers use a revolutionary fire extinguishing agent. The water content cools the fire source, while Vermiculite platelets encapsulate the fuel source, creating a thermal barrier to prevent fire propagation. AVD is nearly twice as effective as water on a Class A fire and environmentally friendly.
  7. Chrome and Antique Copper Range of Extinguishers and Accessories: Enhance the aesthetics of your interiors without compromising safety. Ask about our range of stainless steel and antique copper portable fire extinguishers. All our products carry the CE mark and provide a contemporary finish. We also offer a wide range of fire extinguisher accessories, including fire point trolleys, stands,plinths, cabinets, and covers to complete your fire safety setup.
  8. Single Red Moulded Stand: Sturdy and Practical Our single red moulded stand features a robust rotationally-moulded design, ensuring durability. Manufactured using high impact and chemical-resistant plastic, it is available in red, grey, and cream. The fully free-standing design includes a skirting board recess, making it suitable for food preparation areas.
  9. Double Red Moulded Stand: Double the Capacity Similar to the single red moulded stand, our double red moulded stand offers double the capacity. With its sturdy rotationally-moulded design and high impact, chemical-resistant plastic construction, it is available in red, grey, and cream. The stand provides ample space for multiple fire extinguishers and is ideal for food preparation areas.
  10. Double Red Tubular Stand: Versatile and Stylish Featuring a strong single-piece frame construction, our double red tubular stand is lightweight and easy to install. It is available in single or double configuration and comes with a multiple bracket kit for flexibility. The stand is finished in contemporary chrome or fire red, adding a touch of style to your fire safety setup. An optional ID sign backboard is also available.
  11. Single Red Tubular Stand: Lightweight and Practical Similar to the double red tubular stand, our single red tubular stand offers a lightweight and practical solution for displaying fire extinguishers. With its strong single-piece frame construction, it is available in single or double configuration. The stand includes a multiple bracket kit and is finished in contemporary chrome or fire red. An optional ID sign backboard can be added for easy identification.
  12. Fire Extinguisher Cover: Affordable Protection Our fire extinguisher cover provides low-cost protection for your extinguishers. Made from durable plastic-based textile, it comes in two sizes to fit all types of portable extinguishers. The cover features an eye-catching design with a full-length vision panel, allowing quick identification of the extinguisher. Velcro straps make it easy to fit and remove.
  13. Fire Blankets: Essential for Cooking Oil Fires Our fire blankets are designed to extinguish cooking oil fires and allow the oil to cool gradually. These blankets comply with BS EN1869:1997 standards and provide a strong and supple solution for fire suppression. They are well-insulated yet easily drape over the fire, offering user confidence and safety. Suitable for Class F risks involving cooking oils and fats.
  14. Fire Door Retainer: Secure and Smart Our fire door retainer is an acoustic device that holds a fire door open in any position and automatically releases the door when a fire alarm sounds. It ensures fast and automatic door release, providing a low-cost and low battery solution. The retainer features an easy foot-operated manual release/adjustment operation and a smart, unobtrusive design. It includes an integral power-on LED indicator and a floor plate for heavier doors or slippery floor surfaces.
  15. Rotary Hand Bell: Reliable Fire Warning Our rotary hand bell provides a reliable and independent fire warning, both indoors and outdoors. With its high sound output of approximately 75dB at 20 meters, the bell is made from quality 235 dia die-cast aluminium. It comes with a pre-drilled flange for quick and simple installation, requires no maintenance, and features an epoxy polyester powder-coated and stainless steel rotation shaft.

Please note that while the item you receive may slightly differ from the image/description provided, we guarantee that it will meet or exceed the relevant fire safety regulations. We are committed to sourcing the best value products for your specific requirements from our trusted supplier base.

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